At present my website is undergoing changes, which means I currently do not have any samples of my recent work shown here. If you would like to view some previous work, click here.

I offer a cost effective approach, with a wealth of experience for you to draw from.
Getting you the best results, at an affordable price.
Catering for all your Design, Printing, Illustration and Website needs.


I have extensive experience in the publishing and printing industry.

My first position was in Advertising, then in a larger Publishing company, where I was employed in their advertising and magazine production departments, in Sydney.

I then worked in the Printing Industry in Toowoomba (Qld) and the Hunter Valley (NSW). Predominantly in Pre-press.

Since then I have been self-employed.


I provide a range of design services -


Pre-Pess - artwork ready for the Printers, Specialty Printers, etc.- for business cards, brochures, advertising, presentation folders, promotional items, etc.

Illustrations - creating original artwork for any end purpose- for t-shirts, kite boards, posters, etc.


I arrange for your job to be printed, by sourcing Printers, who I feel, give you value for money. Not only am I looking for a quality job, but also a realistic price.

A quote is emailed or faxed to you prior to any job being printed, so you are aware of your out-of-pocket expenses.

Delivery to your door is part of my service, unless other arrangements have been made.

Website Design / Building

Here I offer a web site design and/or web site building service.

I work with you to complie an easy to use, comprehensive web site that your users can comfortably navigate their way around, without compromising on the design elements.

I fundamentlly produce workable web sites. Web sites that require more coding, shopping sites, etc. I refer you onto IT professionals.

Web Hosting and Domain Names can be arranged.